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for kidneys. why australia is offering organ donors money. welcome back. an egyptian judge deciding over former president hosni mubarak's retrial has recused himself from the case. 1 an appealmubarak -- won an appeal. and bird flue has reached the chinese capital -- bert f -- bird flu has reached the chinese capital. a 7-year-old girl is the latest to contract the virus. joined from the egyptian capital, cairo, from a judge and constitutional scholar. can you just take yourself off a case like with the presiding judge in the mubarak trial has done? >> thank you for having me here. can you please repeat the question? >> can you just take yourself off a case like what is presiding judge has just done? >> i'm sorry, what? >> can you remove yourself from a case like what the presiding judge has done in the mubarak retrial? >> the judge today decided to withdraw himself from the case becausee himself just if he gave a decision in the future regarding this case, some people might see this as a court belonging to the old regime. the reason for this is the judge today, which decided to resign, d
and the 13th in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. but across the tasman and australia, it's a different story. andrew thomas reports. >> lisa and lizzie have been together for five years. in january, they had a wedding, but they're not actually married. they live in sydney, and australian law doesn't recognize same-sex marriage, so their wedding was simply symbolic. >> of course there's something missing. we don't have the legal side, which gets us equal rights to all of the elements that people kind of forget that come alongside marriage. >> later this year, lisa and lizzie plan to travel to new zealand to have another wed which will mean actual marriage. >> ayes are 77, noes are 44. >> new zealand's parliamentary vote on wednesday means gay marriage will be legal there by august. gay new zealander are celebrating, and hundreds of couples in australia also now plan to marry on the other side of the tasman sea. there's because little little prospect of it becoming legal in australia. all new zealand hers a free vote, and the prime minister personally backed gay marriage. >
calls him el mice ro. e but australia -- ell maestro. but australia is truly a golfing nation. fanatical about this sport. and so many players over the years who have starred on the world stage. if you're adam scott, you've never been able to get that reakthrough win. you have to be shouldering the homes of an entire nation. it's a little bit harder right now, a little more precious on adam scott in this playoff. there's bubba watson. bubba is down here in the cabin where he'll be presenting the green jacket. a year ago, he closed out the masters with that miraculous shot. the fans have been all week long going out there and trying to find the very spot. it's one of the memorable shots in masters history and nick, it's one of those, too, one of the few that you can actually stand right there if you come to attend the tournament. nick: yes, i went down with my son matthew. he took me there when we played on sunday. we looked at that spot and i have a photograph of him pretending to be a lefty in that position. jim: adam scott. who had played those final four holes at either am at four ove
into a schoolyard. australia's national security agency is investigating hundreds of its citizens for allegedly fighting in the conflict in syria. the government is concerned it may pose a security risk to australia. now this reports from sydney at from andrew thomas. >> this person is australian, born and bred. up the australian branch of the three syrian army. last year he went to syria to aupport opponents of stabashar al-assad. want to show the rest trillions what is going on in syria at the front lines. i had the choice to fight. bullets,tart spraying and i chose not to. >> australia pose intelligence agency is concerned a growing number of australians are following his lead, leaving sydney for the war zone. head of the australian security intelligence organization musical "once of a new building to say that he's concerned that a number in the hundreds may be radicalized in extremist doctrines to learn skills terrorists could use and then return to australia. concern, youngf australians with a deep commitment to the extremist cost who are going over to support the fighting. >> in 2009, pol
being here. ( cheers and applause ). yj we continue tonight our series from australia. john oliver learned that following a mass shooting in straul, the country introduced gun control, and it worked. so how can america take this valuable lesson and ignore it? john oliver finds out in this, our final installment. >> previously i went to straul when i learned in 1996 their government enacted sweeping gun control laws. the result-- reduced gun violence and zero mass shootings. so are there any lessons for america here? virginia gun advocate has a clear answer. >> we're not australia. it's a very different culture, different people, different everything. >> there's no similarity with australia. australia is a former british colony with a world frontier that was tamed by brave men who also wiped out almost an entire indigenous population, and we are? not similar to that, right? >> right. >> right. because unlike australia, we americans know when the guns are taken away, tyranny inevitably follows. >> the founding fathers knew that governments tend to grow beyond their means. in america,
gun control measures, australia had a successful gun control for almost two decade, john oliver visited there to find out more in part two of our three part series. >> in 1996 following a massacre, australia's conservative government enforced a national buyback of semiautomatic weapons. while also heavily regulating the purchase and storage of other firearms. the result was dramatically reduced level of gun violence. so why can't we do that here? to find out i sat down with long time aid to harry reid jim manly. >> the nra is still a very powerful force in this country. they have four million members who are very, very determined to get their way. >> and how can a nation of 300 million compete with that? >> it's difficult to understand sometime, isn't it but the fact of the mat certificate that i've got to think long and hard before you support gun control legislation because you are take on the nra can be political suicide. >> and the democratic party is working tirelessly to reduce the rate of political suicide among its members. surely australian politicians weren't stupid en
andrew tomas. >> this will be the biggest high-level delegation that's ever been from australia to china. the prime minister is taking her foreign minute sterks trade minister and lots of business leaders with her because the relationship with china is for australia the key regional downtown foster. china is australia's largest in er with two at trade her speech made much of the fact that she will be one of the fist committees in china's new leaders. >> we will be promoting our trade and economic interest and -- lobal and region lobble we want to look ahead including how leaders can help deliver a greater depth of durability in a complex future. >> one thing that can test the relationship is australia being seen as a sheriff for the united states helping to contain china. those have been concerned in beijing about american troops trailing in australia but the prime minister batted that concern away. >> inevitably there is some between competition us but it will be managed well in the future. >> china is also becoming a i l economic partner and asked whether it concerned her that china
it won't so that's not a problem, but what if it did. >> when was that? >> australia. yes, australia inspect in 1996, a conservative prime minister john howard instituted sweeping gun control laws following a mass shooting that shocked the nation. so should we be learning from this effective example? of course not. >> i guess if we're going to go to planet x. and say it's not united states, some other planet, different people, different everything, i don't know, yeah, you know, but in the real world with human beings it's not going to work, and gun control isn't going to work. >> unfortunately not tonal is australia actually in the real world. even their aninals can hoist a weapon. who is right about gun control? there was only one way to find out. confront the man responsible. mr. prime minister, let's begin in the formal australian way-- g-day. >> how do you do. >> obviously, gun control doesn't work. it can't work. it will never work. so wow was your scheme a failure? >> well, my scheme was not a failure. we had a massacre at port arthur 17 years ago, and there have been none sinc
from australia. and his name is shaikh feiz mohammad. the focus of his online lectures range from a love of jihad, to a hatred of harry potter. steve emerson is the executive director of the project on terrorism. and he saw this, he saw that tamerlan tsarnaev, the one who was killed, had posted many links to this man's rantings on his youtube channel, and this caused you some concern days ago, steve. let's just do it a little chronologically first of all. the older brother seems to be the one that started with the radicalization. when did he start posting -- i'm not saying musings or weird stuff, but i mean radical jihadist stuff online? >> the first radical video they posted seems to have been three years ago. and then it was followed up -- it was three years ago he posted two radical videos. then he followed up within six months with another four. and then in the next year, he followed up with another ten or so. and i must tell you, megyn, that i myself had not heard of shaikh feiz mohammad until i saw the videos posted. when we started translating them -- actually, we didn't ne
at least sri lankan involved. al jazeera, new delhi. >> wikileaks will try to win seats in australia elections later this year. the website has announced it has received enough signatures to officially register the political party. they are still fighting ecuadorian embassy in london but will be a senate candidate for the state of victoria. it will be up to the government to secure the opportunity for him to come back to australia. having said that, let's just say this is part of a legal strategy or the dramatic strategy on julian's part to get back to australia. if that were the case, he wasn't the greatest name down for the senate and hope to get elected. this is a much broader movement. this is a party well in excess of 500 members. it is a party that will elect other candidates. >> british scientists say demanding the government suspend the use of pesticide that harm bees. dangerous chemicals have caused a rapid decline of the insect population. it could have an impact on all of us. >> the world be population is in steep decline. it matters because bees pollinate the clay dust pl
. the u.s., canada, australia, and new zealand. >>> japan's top business leader has expressed hope to strengthen ties with mexico through his country's participation in the tpp. japan business federation chairman made the remark when he met the mexican president enrique pena nieto in tokyo. >> translator: mexico is a very important production setter and consumer market for japanese companies. we, japanese businesses, hope to further strengthen the economic relations between japan and mexico through the tpp. >> he noted that mexico has concluded free trade agreements with more than 40 countries and regions and has access to their markets with 1 billion consumers. the mexican president called on japanese businesses to increase investment in his country and strengthen the bilateral strategic partnership. >>> the asian development bank predicts that economic growth in the asia pacific region will pick up in 2013. but the bank also points to some factors that it says could threaten the region's economic stability. the edb forecasts that the economy in asia pacific will expand 6.6% this
par. >> so australia. both are eight under par. >> so australia. >> it ha♪ roundup ough ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ now rounp has a new sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ no need to pump, just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves, and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] [ male announcer ] roundup... [ whip cracks ] with the new one-touch wand. >> all right steve is back with a final look at the forecast. a nice one. >> temperatures are near average for the day tomorrow. they will be around 70. a chance for a sprinkle or two. 80 on wednesday. a cold front by the end of the week. is your home for abc weather. a brand-new blog about the world's hottest temperature and how it was taken away from the city in libya and why. >> it was taken away. >> it was ruled invalid. >> it was d.c. >> thanks for
in the capital of east timor, 300 miles above australia. and they asked for the church to go out into the street and in an unheard of demonstration because in indonesia in occupied teamer they did not allow freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly. two weeks before right after we arrived the indonesian military had surrounded the church and they had killed a young man named sebastian of gomez in the church at point-blank range. they had set a funeral for him the next day. nearly 1,000 people turned out in march. two weeks later there were having a commemoration procession. and this land about freedom of speech, press, assembly, the people march into the street. you can see a girl and a catholic school uniform and a woman in her old guard. and the girls and boys would pull out binders that they had ridden on bedsheets and they would hold them up and they would say things like why the indonesian military. the appeal to a president george h. w. bush at the time it was here. the appeal to the u.n., someone to stop the slaughter. they marched through the streets retracing the steps of
to a playoff with either our first australia yap or first grandfather to winning a augusta. jason day started out 3-under through the first two holes thanks for the eagle on the par-5 2nd. angel cabrera, grandfather with a son on the bag, gave himself the lead thanks to this great approach on . he would birdie the hole. tiger, two-stroke penalty hurt him yesterday. finishes 2-under 70, brand snedeker, co-leader to start the day but collapsed. ''m meanwhile, adam scott birdies 13 and 15, gave himself a share of the lead at 8:00-under. two bogeys finished off jason day. cabrera, trailed scott by one. now share of the lead. a dam scott on 18. co-leader with 8-under for birdie. are you kidding me? he nails it. gives his caddy, steve williams, huge high-five. in the clubhouse with a 69. cabrera playing in the group behind scott. watch the putt. new he needed a birdie to force the playoff. check out this approach. unreal. birdies the hole. we good to sudden death. second playoff hole. he's got it. locks like. dangles on the lip. can't believe it didn't go in. now adam scott, made the putt on 118. c
of australia. it shows the melting of ice is at its highest level in 1000 years. scientists previously warned the peninsula has seen temperatures rise by two and a half degrees since the 1960's, and although there are record levels of ice melting, scientists have observed an increase in the amount of sea ice around antarctica. we spoke with a doctor from the british-and arctic survey who told us about the findings. >> this is, and all the way down to the bottom, and we were able to reconstruct what happened over thousands of years, and what we published was the last thousand years where we showed the temperature has been steadily warming. they are increasing their rates, but 600 years there is very little ice melts. another is 10 times more than we saw 600 years ago. what we are able to say is the level of temperature change we are seeing at the moment is very .nusual it will probably not reduce climate change. we do not use it to prove climate change. scientists use computer simulation to predict what the climate will do in response to changing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. >> the euro
a record high. >> i am andrew thomas in australia and eight luxury bland -- brand like louis vuitton is snapping up this country's crocodile farms. fornger over conditions garment workers in bangladesh's growing as in -- the industry deals with its second disaster in less than one year. almost 200 people are now known to have died when a factory collapsed this week. many others are still missing or trapped under rubble. hundreds of rescue workers and volunteers near the bangladesh capital are still searching. they are looking for survivors on the rubble of an eight-story building that collapsed wednesday. they can hear calls for help. to, i want it is so painful here. it is so painful. i have two living children. witness >> this say hundreds may still be trapped. thousands of family members had gathered at the site where more than 200 people have been killed and another 1000 injured. emergency workers have pulled out hundreds of live. people in the capital protests about the slow pace of the rescue efforts to build a house to five garment factories. the owners ignored warnin
. they need to take responsibility, in australia we are big for that. you need to look after your cast members, employees. >> an inconvenience for us but they are working here every day so, it is important they have a good work environment. >> disney received notification and currently working with the aeuplgs to review them. in a statement they said we constantly strive to maintain a safe work environment for cast members and workers. >> if they are closing it down for safety it is better to be safe than sorry. that is what i would go by. >> reporter: disneyland reopened the mattahorn ride this afternoon. the other two will remain chosed pending the outcome of a review. kpix-5. >>> a fast food iconthat turned a single hot dog stand into a fast food empire has died. john galodi started weinersnitzel in california. he has three50 locations selling 120 million hot dogs a year. the -- 350 locations selling 1tweupbt one 120 million hot dogs a year. he is viverred by a wife and four children. >>> heartbreak for a little league team. the incident that could force it to cancel the rest of its seaso
are offline. australia and china have agreed to allow their currencies to trade directly with each other. it is part of their effort to boost trade and investment. >> julia gillard announced the deal in shanghai. the deal means that australian and chinese firms and individuals can save on conversion costs. >> this is a huge advantage for australia, not only for our big businesses, but also for our small and medium enterprises that want to do business here. >> the chinese government is promoting the use already. last year the amount of trade reached about $120 billion. their business sentiment improved for a 5th straight month in march. cabinet office asked about 2,000 work ers what they thought abou the economy. the march confidence index stood up 4.1 points from the previous month. that's the same level set in march 2006. many workers say that manufacturing sectors sighted inprovemei improvements for the weaker yen. workers said they were worried about the higher prices of imported goods and materials as a result of the yen's decline. they also mentioned electricity rate hikes. the cabi
's a company in australia that has a fantastic idea. they created a company called mail books. basically the idea behind mail books is to create a unique dust cover for each book that once you're done reading it, it becomes a wrapper for your book and it's basically a prepaid, preaddressed parcel that you can drop in the mail and it will go to a charity and it will distribute it to people in need. >> and the coolest thing is, they know how much the book weighs already. it's already paid for, the pos s postage. it is right now only in australia, they created an organization there, footpath library and they're giving books to the homeless in the community. you give people the opportunity to learn, you give people the gift of knowledge really. ♪ >>> new video shows hibernation ain't all about sleep. >> are some wild antics that go on. >> hear from an expert who tells us all about this rare look into the life of black bears. >>> and can you guess what this i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through th
? this is blossom. she is a bat. she was rescued by louise saunders in australia. blossom bats are endangered. louise took her in to nurse her back to help. she has nectar or milk formula. what an adorable creature. this is a wonderful video about bats. they see this little guy and they are going to love bats. >> he has a gene simmons like tone. >> yeah! >> she was eventually released back into the wild. >> releasing her was one of the toughest things she had to do but it was the best for blossom. >>> the race is on for two dragsters until things get scary. >> where's the other one? where's the other car? >> what went wrong that had one car doing doughnuts? >> a bra that "star wars" fans will freak for. >> it's made out of paper-mache and r2d2 [ male announcer ] listen to this symphony of flavor: crrkkhshziiiizzlllee. beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you can't get more italian. it's on. let's roll. >>> one o
? that's how i go out? >>> head on down to australia where you may think we're on the same red but we're not. the rider here is on the opposite side and so is this other motorcycle. the other rider is coming around the left-hander. he swings wide and as most motorcycle accidents like, this the person fixates on where they're going instead of through the turn, so a classic mistake, the rider goes right into the cyclist. the rider goes right into the guy we're riding with and nearly a head on collision and clearly the guy's fault coming towards us. the guy on the red bike coming towards the camera seems to jump right up and doesn't appear to be injured. the guy on the ground says his foot is badly mangled but could have been a lot worse. >>> you're looking at security camera footage outside of a home in louisville, kentucky. notice what you are seeing. it is like a guy in broad daylight just looking around the area and bends down and starts to pick something up. what he is picking up is actually a sewer grate. according to police people in this area are stealing the sewer grates and eve
spreadsheet error and that they had excluded data from canada, new zealand, australia all countries that are experienced solid growth during periods of high debt and would thus undercut their thesis. if ignoring new zealand, australia and canada were a crime, everyone in america would be on death row. ( cheers and applause ). now sure, herndon's corrected spreadsheets show that countries with debt over 90% did not see their economies shrink minus point-one percent but instead saw them grow 2.2%. but come on, 2.2% up, .1% down, you say potato, i say eliminate food stamps. for pete's sake, how were ren and stimpy supposed to know that their paper, their paper which has brought austerity to millions was flawed? it wasn't peer reviewed. so, no one needs to fact-check them. it's not like they said they were watching scooby doo when they were four. after publication in 2010, one economist complained that they refused to share their data. of course they didn't share their data. if they can't use excel, i doubt they could send it an email attachment. but, folks, siegfried and roy are standi
they are popping a lot of cans of fosters in australia tonight. >> i found my way, today. it was incredible. australia is a proud sporting nation and this is one notch in the belt we have never got and it's amazing that it has come down to me, today, mark and jason day, it could have been any of us, but one guy here inspired a nation of golfers. that is greg norman. he is been incredible to me and the young golfers in australia. part of this belongs to him. >> >> indeed a day for australia, three aussies finished in the top four with an argentinian in the middle. >> >> pete lipscomb keeps giving up big innings. chicago cubs earned their long time knick-knack, the loveable losers. >> lincecum came up a pair, cubs lead 4-1 after one inning and they lead in the 6th when the chicago pitcher unleashes -- five wild pitches in the single inning, joins rookie, collects his first two major league rbi's. greg blanco and crawford score. giants take a 5-4 lead and hello noonan. ties the game, the cubs take a 7-6 lead. remember our underpants friend? comes up in the ninth inning, two strikes, two outs.
and masters. the drama last all day with first australia beat our grandfather to win aau gus that. jason day, first two holes, thanks to this one, takes the lead at 8 under. angel cabrera, he takes the lead with a great approach on 7 where he birdied. not bad. tiger, two stroke penalty hurt him. finishes with a 270, tied for fourth. snedeker and he if finishes in sixth place. s ons zi has the lead. and day, he finishes his day in third place. angel cabrera, birdie on 16 gives him a share of the lead. adam scott on 18, you dream about these putts as a kid. are you kidding me. in the clubhouse with a nine stroke lead. shoots a 69. angel cabrera knew he needed a birdie, unreal. just money, he birdies and we go to sudden death. second playoff hole, huge left to right break, looks like going in, dangles on the limb, he can't believe he didn't drop. adam scott, 12 footer, drains it adam scott is 2013 masters champion and first major title and first australian to win the masters. >> an incredible day everything fell in the right lane, i guess. i kept plugging away. i didn't know it was going to hap
to write a book about it and spent a lot of time traveling to chellie and australia to alaska and crossing the ocean going to islands in between and a fairly severe commercial failure it wasn't as bad as a book i might have mentioned here before which i write about america in the 1970's which sold only 12 copies. [laughter] it wasn't as bad as that that was pretty bad. the reason i think when we analyzed why is that it might well as venture to say the pacific was the position of the future but what it clearly was not in human terms was the notion of the past. it had little human history. yes there was the polynesian navigation and magellan and people like that but generally speaking was nothing compared to the richness as you mentioned, barbara, of the mediterranean and the atlantic. with that idea at the back of my mind and galvanized by the book i read in chile that i will tell you about leader i decided what i had done in the 1980's was that the long horse. i chose the wrong solution to write about it if i had chosen the right, i would have a better chance of making a buck the was more
report. green arrows all over the dow. >>> in sydney, australia, the sydney opera house lighting up in blue. why? to mark world autism day. one of several landmarks being used around the tworld raise awareness. >> according to autism australia, 1 in 110 trailians have some form of the disorder. here the united states the figure is 1 in 88. a story of three mothers fighting to get insurance coverage for their children with autism. >> rio de janeiro we know it was an american woman who was the victim of that brutal attack there. she was rippelationshi raped, a beaten and robbed. >> on a public mini bus. police have made a third arrest in connection with the attack. what do we know about this third individual? >> reporter: that's right, suzanne. we should remind our viewers two men were arrested this weekend, shortly after this horrific crime. they've arrested a third suspect last flight. and it's interesting, part of the way they were able to locate him was using surveillance video, because these men stole the credit cards of two tourists and went from gas station to gas station takin
froom aastralia nd taiwan also gave pheir condolences. 3ppilllrd says::"australia unreservedly condemns this what is a great vent knoow around theeworld and ne people paaticipate in to havee un asstheir families and friends watch on. the maaes shocking ones and ur thooghts loot loved ones, our condolences go tt thhse wwoo in this tragic vent aan out thooghtss re also with the many innjred.. injuree." japan's yoshihideesuga also spoke out... oofering quooe - "heart sympathies toothe victims andd incidentt" families of this ai 3 s we learn incideet in boston.... the question now, iss hat should -. ii a former f-bb- special agenttand teeroristtexpert..... &phe's among the many observing investiggtoos who are trying to get tt the bottom of wwat suggest it was a terrorist at attack. ((owers))"thh remoteedeviccs, the scene, the prrliminaayy aa at the fooensic vidence and look at what type offbomb it was, what thaa helpssto pdentify is the possible gorrp becaussecertain ooganizationn weapontry.." expeets say terrorist groupss.. ttey're &pddmestic organizaa
other countries dominate the market. >> that would be france number one and australia number two so the rest of us are in pack. france has been active in the china market for very long time. >> a series of lunches and formal dinners will be a major part of this trip. some of them serving as many as 500 guests at a time. right now, there are hundreds of cases of california wine being shipped to china to accommodate those events. >> katie: the government of north korea is advising foreign officials to evacuate their embassy staff saying their safety could be at risk. they confirmed it and russian advisories have been warned. notification was made in event in conflict on april 10th. government issued the advisory as the u.s. monitors two medium ranged missiles are being moved to the east coast of north korea. >> president obama was raise money in san francisco and now he is prepared to send his new budget to congress. he says it balances the need for deficit reducing spending cuts with investments to create american jobs. >> my budget will reduce our deficits, not with aimless, reckles
doing this! >> you better believe it! >> you already have animals from australia. >> oh, of course. the san diego zoo has had one of the best koala breegd programs in the nation, anywhere outside australia for a long time. the australian outback is more of an opportunity to bring our australian animals in and around where the koala exhibit will be, a whole new area, almost 3 acres and it's been a great project. construction is coming along nicely. i've brought along animals to share with you. >> and i know the name, a kookaburra. >> kookaburra, and also known as the laughing kookaburra. one of my favorite is the buschmann's alarm clock. they do a certain call every morning and every evening at sunrise and sunset. you guys ready? we'll see if we can get them to go. ready? [ birds calling ] >> wow! [ laughter ] >> this one's on mute. yeah, that call, they will live in family groups of four, six or more in a tree, in their territory. they do that call together, family together and let other kookaburras know what their territory is. that, of co
in australia and the united states. >> i can't let you keep repeating that without pointing out i would imagine most of you watching this would happily settle for their home otherburgled over being shot in the head. there is a difference between being robbed and murdered. you have to accept that. america has a shocking rate of gun murder and gun suicide. the other 22 richest countries in the world combined. >> when you compare a state or country and if you pass laws to restrict gun ownership, as they had in colorado, you couldn't have a gun in that theater. that was against the law. when you restrict gun laws, you end up with more crime and more murders, not less. we have 50 states. we can compare when you passed laws to make it easier for honest citizens to carry concealed, crime, murder, where you have more gun laws, the more gun laws you passed restricting rights, the more crime you get. the more honest citizens have availability of owning guns, the less crime you have. that's true in the united states state by state and true in britain from the law they passed restricting gun laws. more cri
, maritime domain awareness, capacity building, and multilateral exercises. in australia, for example, the first company of marines rotated through last year, a key for step toward using the presence to engage bilateral and multilateral exercises as partners of the region. in the philippines, we are working with our full and equal partner to enhance the capacity of the philippines armed forces, increase rotational presence, and capitalize on other opportunities for cooperation. in singapore, the first of the four combat ships will arrive later this month, providing key capability to work bilaterally and multilateral with partners in the region. these are but a few examples of how we are expanding our presence and that part of the region. next, we are giving priority in the investments to the development of platforms and capabilities that have direct applicability to the asia- pacific region, all the while preserving and integrating the counterinsurgency and special operations capability we of work so hard to develop over the past decade in iraq and afghanistan. these new investments i
students from europe to asia, australia to africa come to perform and visit the san francisco jazz venues that were created under your leadership of the jazz preservation district. and to the man who dresses like the duke elg ton and was visionary commitment of this art form to date. mr. mayor brown, we say thank you, we salute you on behalf of my partners and hundreds of jazz musicians from san francisco to new york city, chicago to miami, from copenhagen to tokyo. it's my pleasant on behalf of the jazz society a plaque to thank you for keeping our form alive. [ applause ] as the chairman of the economic development committee of the n aacp san francisco branch it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you our reverend amos brown to present the plaque to mayor brown's unwavering commitment to civil rights. [ applause ] >> thank you richard brown. it's good to see you and thank you dr. parkel. that's all i got. i could listen to him talk all day. that was fantastic. >> christina, would you like to come up again? >> thank you. we have a few special thank yous that we want to wrap the cere
-- the flagship church in the capitol of east timor. 300 miles above australia, and after the church went out into the street and in an unheard of demonstration because in indonesia, in occupied timor, they did not allow freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom assembly, but two weeks after we arrived the indonesian military surrounded the church and killed the young man sebastian gomez in the church at point blank range. they had a funeral for them the next day and a thousand people turned out and marched to the cemetery. then two weeks later they were having a commemoration procession, and this land without freedom of speech, press or assembly, the people marched into the streets you would see a girl in their catholic school uniform and women in her old garb, and girls and boys would pull out banners they had written on bed sheets and would hold them up and say things like why in the indonesian military shoot our church? they appealed to president george h.w. bush at the time, who was here, the u.n., someone to stop the slatter, and they marked through the streets, retracing the steps o
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